About us


Rethinkit is athleisure wear made in a smart and versatile design with stretchable, breathable and moisture absorbing recycled materials, which is suitable for the gym, the yoga mat or your everyday life. Functionality is in focus and we have put emphasis on movement and comfort to make it as easy as possible for you to be active.

Rethink sportswear and fashion


We create quality design that are made to last you a lifetime. We aim to become a permanent part of your everyday wardrobe that fits your active lifestyle, where
movement, comfort and style are in focus. We believe in the notion of long-lasting clothes and fewer styles that can be mixed and matched, as we wish to minimize the number of items in your wardrobe. To support this notion, we work with drops instead of seasons.

Rethinkit Studios


We are located in Copenhagen (Denmark) in our new CO2 neutral offices, where we have our own workout and yoga studio. Here we can test out all of our products and stay active ourselves.