Care guide

We want to make sure that your clothes last for as long as possible and is well taken care of. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, but you can help your clothes reach its full potential by following this care guide and the care label inside the clothes.

Wash less and love more
Your clothes are meant to be loved and worn but try to resist washing it after every use. Airing your clothes outside can be a great alternative in between the washes. Most of our clothes can be washed at a lower temperature of 30°C, which is gentler to your clothes and the environment. Air-drying your clothes after a wash is also a great way to go easy on the clothes and gives it a longer and less wrinkly life.

Follow the care label 
The best way to be gentle to your clothes is to always follow the care label sewn into the clothes. To learn more about the different materials used in our products and how to care for them, see the list of materials here.